City Generator Add-on for Blender

Create highly realistic Cities through an unique approach

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Product Video

Image showing the Add-on user interface next to a generated City inside Blender

What is CitySketch?

Blender Add-on

All the tools for generating cities, roads, green zones and rivers are packed in an easy-to-install Blender Add-on and feature a user-friendly Interface.

High Quality Assets

CitySketch includes many fully modelled and textured Assets, seperated into two different styles, that can be easily imported via the add-on user interface.

Unique 'Sketching' Approach

CitySketch allows you to conveniently draw the base layout of your city via the grease pencil. That way you have full control over your cities.

The Assets

Showcase of High Quality Realistic Assets that ship with CitySketch
Showcase of sylized low poly Assets that ship with CitySketch

High Poly Asset Pack

This Asset Pack features highly realistic objects that are a crutial part of a city. We've especially paid attention to details, allowing for very believable close up renders.

This Pack includes models for: buildings, roads, trees, bushes, a river and various details like traffic lights, signs and many more.

The Assets have been modelled and textured so you can immediately render them.

Beware, since this Pack features high quality models and textures, the render and load times might be very high, this depends on your device.

Low Poly Asset Pack

This Asset Pack features Low Poly Buildings and Road models, that can be used for stylized renders and low poly games (anything actually).

Due to the nature of low poly assets the load and render times are very low, allowing you to generate giant cities (up to 300x300 units on an average pc).

The Assets do not have any materials associated with them, but you can easily add you own or even use random colors.

How does it work?

Import your Assets into CitySketch

1 Choose an Asset Pack

You can choose one of our preshipped asset packs with hundreds of high quality models or import your custom assets for a completely unique city that exactly fits your needs.

Adjust the generation settings in the Add-on Panel

2 Adjust Settings

CitySketch offers plenty of settings so the city you generate exactly looks how you'd imagine it. You can change everything from the way assets are handled to general parameters like the density or size.

Generate the city by pressing the button 'generate'. CitySketch will then create a complete city via the settings you specified

3 Generate the City

Thats it! Press generate and watch while CitySketch spits out a full 3D City that you can freely use for whatever you need. (at least send us some of those games, movies or renders you create with CitySketch, we love to see them)

Turn Sketches into Cities

Generated City following handdrawn lines Image with handdrawn lines showing basic layout of green zones, city centre and river

Creativity First

Our unique drawing board approach allows you to stay productive and creative wihtout worrying about the underlying technical aspects. It's like magic.

Unique Cities

Your Cities will look much more unique and iconic compared to being generated randomly.

Define your Layout

You get to define the layout and structure of the city. Any concrete idea in mind? A big Forest with small chunks of buildings? Totally possiblle with CitySketch.

Never Required

Our settings are always optional. If you dont want to draw any layouts, and a random city is what you need, that's totally fine.

Stupidly Easy

We have added an easy to understand User Interface that allows you to draw the layout and structures without any Blender Greace Pencil experience.

It's fun

If you don't plan on using this feature productively, it's still a lot of fun to watch your drawings turn into 3D Cities.

Advanced Road System

Overwiew showcasing multiple setting when generating Road Systems in CitySketch

Intuitive Settings

We offer plently of easy-to-understand settings that control the way your road network will be generated.
For example:

Choose the level of Symmetry from 3 different values. Either generate New York like Road Networks, or completely organic ones where pattern will be very hard to spot.
Choose among 3 levels of Road Density. Couple this with symmetry and you get a handful of user-friendly settings.

Realistic Structures

CitySketch generates realistic and believable road structures. We have paid attention to deliver high quality Road patterns. You will never encouter unrealistic and completely random formations.

As a matter of fact, completely random Road Networks neither look good nor realistic.
That's why we invested time into making hundreds of predefined structures, that then randomly appear in you road networks.
The difference is huge, you can test it, since CitySketch ships with a completely random generator as well.

If you only want a realistic and fast road system - just turn off the buildings.

Hand Made Assets

CitySketch ships with high quality Roads so you don't have to worry about anythig and can focus on being creative!

Having a good Road generator is not enought if the individual Assets look bad. That's why we invested time and reiterated our Road Assets until we felt we're in a good spot.

We've modelled and textured the indivividual Road pieces, these are then correctly picked, rotated and places by our Road Generator.
Its totally possible to swap our Road Assets for your own Models if you have them ready.

2D Use Cases

Top Down view of Generated City rendered in 2D Orthographic

2D Games

Create High Quality, cool looking 2D Adventure Games, Platformers, Scrollers,... by rendering the generated cities from the Top.

Top Down Videos

Render the generated City in the Top Down View for 2D Animations of any sort. Use the City for the background or the foreground depending on your needs.

Architectural Designs

Render 2D Top Down Images and use them for Architectual Designs.

Frequently Asked Questions


When and where are we releasing CitySketch?

We are actively working on new features and further improvements and hope to release the add-on in the summer of 2021! The add-on will be released on the Blender Market since it ships with many high quality assets and features.
Do you have a youtube channel or some other kind of social media account and wish to try and review CitySketch before the release? Contact us!


Is CitySketch a standalone Application?

CitySketch is an Add-on for Blender the popular open-source 3D Software and only works for version 2.8 and higher. There are no plans to release CitySketch as a standalone application at this time.


Can I use my own assets with CitySketch?

Yes absolutely! You can use any assets you have for custom cities. Be sure to check out our documentation on this topic.


What's included in the CitySketch download?

In the download package we include the Blender Add-on itself which can be installed in Blender like any other add-on. Additionally CitySketch ships with 2 ready to use asset packs. One is a very detailed collection of 3D models to generate cities. The other is a low-poly style asset pack for quick city prototyping.


Is the development finished?

No! CitySketch is under active development and is not yet ready to be released to the public. Be sure to visit our site for more features, updates and a release date.


How far are we?

All the images you see on our website have been generated with the add-on in its current state!
We are actively working on new features, more assets and further improvements and hope to release the add-on soon.


Will CityShetch run on my old computer?

CitySketch does not require any significant processing power if you wish to generate a small city. Rendering the image will be more power- and time-consuming that generating the city itself.