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posted on 08.02.2021

Drawing feature and further improvements

We have spent the last weeks with further improvements to the add-on. Before the release, we want CitySketch to be the polished, reliable, and very fast, making sure that even larger cities are being generated in a very short time. Not only are we working on the algorithm, the road generation and everything else behind the Add-on, but we are also working on new features to make CitySketch even more luxurious and more special. To do this, we have developed a few features we would like to share with you. Starting up with the single road generator. This feature allows you to generate small streets or alleys with buildings next to the road. Not only does it look fancy, but it takes even less time than generating an entire city! This should help you with building a little video scene or making very cool pictures with an alley. I highly recommend checking out our gallery! Next, we have the generation of the Point of Interest. A city is not a city, if there is no city centre. With the possibility to create a POI, it is able to scale the area size, as well as the building of the centre. Our first idea with CitySketch was to give the user a plain to draw their own city. The user should draw the number of buildings he wants, where he would like to place them, along with the river and the green zone. We did not want to give up on this idea, so with the following feature, you can sketch the place of the POI, draw your own river lines as well as marking the green zone wherever you want. We are very happy with the progress of our Add-on and this was definitely not the end. Thank you for reading the blogs and being a part of the journey. - Huy

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