Frequently Asked Questions

What's CitySketch? CitySketch is an Add-on for the 3D Software Blender that generates large and realistic cities.
CitySketch generates the following objects:
  • Buildings
  • Roads
  • Details like street signs, posters, traffic lights and many others
  • Trees, Bushes and Grass
  • Point of Interests (special buildings that only appear once per city e.g. a church)
You can then use the generated City for whatever you want
When and where are we releasing CitySketch? We are actively working on new features and further improvements and hope to release the add-on in the summer of 2021! The add-on will be released on the Blender Market since it ships with many high quality assets and features.
Do you have a youtube channel or some other kind of social media account and wish to try and review CitySketch before the release? Contact us!
Is CitySketch a standalone Application? CitySketch is an Add-on for Blender the popular open-source 3D Software and only works for version 2.8 and higher. There are no plans to release CitySketch as a standalone apllication at this time.
Can I use my own assets with CitySketch? Yes absolutely! You can use any assets you have for custom cities. Be sure to check out our documentation on this topic.
What's included in the CitySketch download? In the download package we include the Blender Add-on itself which can be installed in Blender like any other add-on. Additionally CitySketch ships with 2 ready to use asset packs. One is a very detailed collection of 3D models to generate cities. The other is a low-poly style asset pack for quick city prototyping.
Is the development finished? No! CitySketch is under active development and is not yet ready to be released to the public. Be sure to visit our site for more features, updates and a release date.
How far are we? All the images you see on our website have been generated with the add-on in its current state! We are actively working on new features, more assets and further improvements and hope to release the add-on soon.
Will CitySketch run on my old computer? CitySketch does not require any significant processing power if you wish to generate a small city. Rendering the image will be more power- and time-consuming that generating the city itself.
What kinds of assets are included? CitySketch will ship with two unique Asset Packs.
  • highly realistic and graphic-heavy asset pack with lots of details
  • low poly stylized asset pack for unique looking citisies, perfect for architecture and certain games/renders
Why are we developing CitySketch? CitySketch is being developed for two main rasons. For our final project as students and because its very difficult to create a good looking city!
When do we release CitySketch? Although we don't know the exact date yet, we expect to release it in the first months of 2021.
How long does it take to generate a city like the one on our homepage? CitySketch is extremly fast. The City from the homepage took less than a second!
Can you export the city to unity? Exporting large cities via fbx is a difficult problem to solve. We plan on providing a small Unity extension that should significantly help with the export.
Are the assets part of CitySketch? Yes! We created the assets with CitySketch in mind and will be shipping them together with the add-on.
How can I contact you? We're happy to hear from you under!