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posted on 23.02.2021

In-Depth Look: Drawing Capabilities

CitySketch lets you draw the city with the build in grease pencil and then takes that drawing into account when generating your city. To be specific, you can draw the bounding of the green areas. This can be used to create forests or parks, since these areas will be filled with grass, trees and bushes. You have no limit as to how many green zones appear in a single city, be cautious however, big forests use up a lot of computing power. As you forests grow, the scene might become increasingly more difficult to maintain or render. Apart from green zones, you can specify where the point of interest will appear. This structure is a special Asset that only spawns once throughout the entire city. In our case, this is a church, however its is very easy to swap this asset out for a different one you have made. Around the point of interest an empty area whose size you can control in the UI appears. This structure is meant to make the shot more interesting and is especially useful if you have a special building, that you want to incorporate in the city. Lastly, you will be able to draw a blue line, on which the river is supposed to flow. Internally, CitySketch converts this line to a curve and repeats a river slice along it. For experienced Blender users, this is a common way of creating certain meshes. The drawing capabilities of CitySketch have proven to be quite useful in certain situations. More importantly, it is an interesting approach at creating large scale autogenerated scenes that can be expanded upon and improved in the future. Its really quite fun to draw the layout of the city and watch it get generated accordingly. At the very least it’s fun and you should try it out.

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