Two vastly different Asset Packs and Styles hero image

posted on 08.02.2021

Two vastly different Asset Packs and Styles

Right now, we are working on our asset packs, to provide you with more unique assets so you can create even better-looking cities. With our premade assets, you will be able to create a city instantly, without having to model any buildings or other assets (of course, the option is still there if you want to). Once we release the Add-on, we are going to offer you two types of assets. From now on we are presenting you our High-Poly Asset pack, which you will find in the tab “Assets”. The pack includes very high-quality buildings with lots of details and shaders. Use this pack for a city, that looks like its photographed! Soon, we’ll also present you our Low-Poly asset pack. We want this pack to have an easier, yet simple looking style, which has its own kind of aesthetic. Stay tuned for more! - Huy

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