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posted on 05.02.2021

New goals and vision

Over the summer break we have decided to change some goals for the project, since a few of them were not very realistic or did not make sense. One of the changes was the abolishment of our original idea where the user was supposed to draw every single street. We felt this was not the direction we wanted to go since our Add-on is all about speed and instant generation. Because of this we changed to a new system we call “Point of Interest”. The user now only needs to select where the city centre should be, and the roads will be generated accordingly. We want to keep our features as simple as possible so everyone regardless of their experience can create amazing cities, while allowing the more experienced artists to use the add-on to its highest extend. We plan on achieving this by providing numerous optional parameters that do not have to be changed if you quickly need a basic city. - Huy

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