First Prototype hero image

posted on 08.02.2021

First Prototype

With a lot of research about the basics of Blender, how to create high and low poly buildings, as well as the proof of concept that CitySketch is possible and realistic to develop, we have managed to create our first prototype during the summer. As you can see, the prototype presents you an almost perfect example of a city generation with multiple and especially, different buildings. We have created some high-poly assets for the generator to test our self-programmed algorithm. In addition, we have started our product website during the summer to give our school a brief breakdown about our project. By the time the summer came to an end, each project member had a total work time of around 40-45 hours. The high number of working hours consists of research for the project, creating a prototype as well as the prototype for the proof of concept, lots of planning and meetings, documentation and the creation of a prototype for our current product website. We are looking forward to improving the current state of our website, since this is just a little showcase of what we are working on right now. Furthermore, we would like to start the upcoming days with the High-poly assets by modelling two or three high-poly buildings and further improvements to our prototype. - Huy

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